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City of Loogootee - Swimming Pool
City, County, State & Federal Resources
Government, Community, Education, Businesses

Community Support

Resource Center for the Entire Family


Contact: Fund Raising

Sammi Nelson   709-8004

Janie Frye   854-8235

Fund Raising Goal: $500,000

As of 03/01/14
Swimming Pool Balance:  $149,000

We Thank you in Advance For Your Support.

Mail Adress:

Loogootee Municipal Building
401 J.F.K. Ave. ٠ Loogootee, Indiana  47553  

Atten: Loogootee Swimming Pool

      * Loogootee Pool Fund Facebook - Public Fund Raising Effort     * Loogootee Facebook - City of Loogootee    

* Friends of the Pool - Group of Private Citizen that work as a team with the park and recreation board to raise money for the pool.

Fund Raisers: Sammi Nelson, Sue Carrico, Mark Ellis, Janie Frye, Karn Slaven, Charlotee Meyer, Don Greene 709-9544,  Ruth Smith

Letters: Fund Raiser's Introduction

Keep up on the good things happening toward rebuilding our pool by joining our Pool Fund Page.
All proceeds will go directly to the capital campaign fund and most are tax deductible.  No donation will be considered too small or too large.

Future Fund Raising Efforts:

* City Hall Cook Out - Sue Carrico  295-2712

* Sock Hop (New Years Eve) -  St John's Youth  295-2225

* Loogootee Live at Five       Ruth Smith  296-0539                * Cook-Out by Park Board   * Buy a Brick Help Build a Pool

* Yard Sale  Don 709-9544             * Road Block - Road Block by Committee 295-4770    * LIVE AFTER FIVE

* Golf Scramble           * Clean Sweep      * Chili Soup Supper    * Soup Luncheon    * Christmas Auction    * Fishing Tournament
The City of Loogootee Pool Fund Committee is working very hard planning fundraisers for the 2014 calendar year.
Anyone who would like to assist in the planning of an event can do so by contacting the Mayors Office at (812) 295-4770.

Recognizing the Generosity
  Davies Martin REMC, IGA, Park Board, Rosies Shirt Shop, Knox County EMS, Butcher-Gee Classic Committee, C.E. Taylor Oil Inc., Brocksmith-Blake Funeral Home,
  Blake HI-Y Car Wash,
, China Wok, Attorney Paul Vogler, Amber Jo"s Head to Toe,  Dr. Rick Bauer, Dr. Tony, Toys Auto Parts and Marathon
  Wright Brothers, Meltons Tree Trimming,
Bowling Massage, German American Bank, The Lodge, Old National Bank, Bobber Stop, Wacky the Clown
  Custom Cabinets (Norman Graber), Harmon Interiors, Pizza Junction, Century 21 Classic Realty

  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Greenwell, Jackson Young, Mr. John Bouvy and Mrs. Marina (Butcher) Bouvy, Mrs. Tamara Thompson, Mrs. Mary Tackett, Mr. Curt and Julie Johnson,
  Mr. Kennth and Dee Sanders, Ms. Janet Sabatier, Ms. Janet Sabatier, Mr. Bill and Mrs. Karen Whorrall, Mrs. Martha Greene, Mr. Michael Thompson, Ms. Evelyn Hilbert,
  Mr. Roger and Mrs. Carolyn Parsons-Downey, Mr. Chad and Mrs. Nicole, Mr. Mike and Mrs. Kay Summers, Mr. Charlie and Mrs. Peggy Lyon, Mrs. Jolene and Mr. Van McAtee,
  Mrs. Marilyn Cunnigham, Mr. John and Mrs. Diane Vaupel,  Mrs. JoAnn Nonte, Suzanne Vogler, Jr. Gee, Mr. Michael and Mrs. Katie Milligan, Mr. Randy Archer, Mrs. Charlotte Meyer, Mr. Kenny Frye, Kevin Johnson
, Susan Arthur, Laura Albertson,

 Loogootee United Methodist Church, Council of the Knights of Columbus, Shoals Eagles, VFW
 Mrs. Terri Smith and all of the staff and students at Loogootee Elementary East, Tri State Wrestling
 Butcher-Gee Classic Committee

Please let me know if I forgot someone. Email:

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