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Indiana State & Federal Business
Government, Community, Education,
Businesses, Family Fun, Health, Links of Interest

Community Support

Resource Center for the Entire Family

Indiana State Government

Indiana Business Page -
Starting/Maintaining  a Business, Licenses & Permits, Labor Law, Job Resources.
  • Starting a Business: State’s Guide, Forms, Permit & Regulatory Assistance, Federal Grants.
  • Business Licenses & Permits: Business Owners' Permit Guide, Child Care, Permitting Assistance.
  • Labor Law: Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, Minimum Wage, Child Labor, Wage Disputes.
  • Maintaining Your Business: Entity Report Filing, Tax Filing, Professional Licensing, Trademarks.
  • Business Searches: Name, Trade Mark, Professional License, Find: Franchises, Collection Agencies.
  • Employee Verification, Search: Driver License, Criminal History, Vehicle Registration, Violent Offender.
  • Health Care Profession Licenses: Marriage/Family Therapist, Medical, Chiropractic, Physician, Health, Dentist.
  • Indiana Business Forms - Articles of Incorporation, Exclusive use of Corporate Name, Business Entity Report.

 Indiana Department of Administration - Assistance to Minority and Women's Business Enterprises state contracting opportunities

 Indiana General Assembly - Law & Administrative Rules.
  ^ - Resource for consumer information and education.
  ^ Title 23. Business and Other Associations - Corporation Law, Partnerships, Securities, Business Associations.
  ^ Title 610 Department of Labor - Wages and Hours, Child Labor, Safety Education and Training, Discrimination Against Employees.


U.S. Federal Government

 Federal Business Opportunities - U.S. Government's one-stop virtual marketplace.

 Better Business Bureau - Dispute Resolution, Consumer and Business Education, Charity Review.
 U.S. Department of Labor - Youth and Labor - Age Requirements, Kid's Pages, Employment by Parents.

 Centers for Disease Control - CDC - Workplace Safety & Health - Falls, Lead, Asbestos, Heat Stress, Noise.
U.S. Department of Labor
 Federal Trade Commission - Bureau of Consumer Protection - Fair Debt Collection Practice Act
 National Conference of State Legislatures - State & Federal Issues, News from D.C. and the States. - The Official Business Link to the U.S. Government.
 U.S. Small Business Administration - Women Business Centers - Startup Kit, Financing. - Your Voice in Federal Decision-Making. Regulations (or rulemakings) issued by U.S.

 Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI - Be Crime Smart. Use Our Resources: Communities.
  > - Arm you with information, don’t fall victim to these Internet scams. - Six federal agencies w/ vastly different jurisdictions have joined together, better service.
 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Check product recalls & safety news, report an incident. - Search Box, Frequently asked questions about loans and tax breaks.
 U.S. Copyright Office - The Library of Congress - About Copyright, How to Register a Work, Law & Policy, Forms, Current Fees.

 U.S. Department of State - Business Support, Guide To Doing Business, Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization.
 United States Patent and Trademark Office - Trademark Electronic Search System. About Trademarks, Patents & Copyrights.


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