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Indiana State Government
Government, Community, Education,
Businesses, Family Fun, Health, Links of Interest

Indiana State Taxes

Taxes: Martin County, Indiana State, Federal, Legal Corner

Indiana Home Page
 Family, Health, Safety, Education, Child Support, Adoption, Foster Care, Marriage, Child Care.

Indiana State Department of Health
Health Care Programs/Locations/Professionals, Birth & Death Certificates, School Immunization.

Indiana Family & Social Services Administration - Family, Adoption, Health, Disabilities, Neglect, Medicaid.

Indiana Attorney General - Victim Assistance, Identity Theft, Do Not Call List, Fraud Alerts, Credit Freeze.
Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Virtual License Branch, Indiana Laws, Forms, Fees, Driving Records, Titles, Teen Drivers, Driver's Manual.
 Loogootee License Branch - 129A Cooper Street.   Business Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
 Other Close Branches: Washington License Branch & Jasper License Branch. Check Indiana BMV web site for location and hours.

U.S. Postal Service - Find a Zip Code, Calculate Postage, Schedule a Pickup, Print a Shipping Label.
 Loogootee Post Office - 203 NW 1st Street.  Phone: 295-2021   ٠ Business Hours: Mon-Fri 8:15-4:15pm and Sat 9:00-12:00pm  
 Shoals Post Office - 212 2nd Street.  Phone: 247-2020   ٠ Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-1:00pm, 1:30-4:00pm and Sat 9:30-11:30am 

Indiana Department of Child Services - Protects children from abuse and neglect. Child Support, Forms, Background Check.

Indiana Department of Environmental Management - Asbestos, Pests, Wetlands.  Open Burning - Burning Regulations, Burning Ordinances.

Indiana General Assembly - Title 36. Local Government
- Public Safety, Planning & Development, Transportation, Recreation, Libraries.

Indiana Judicial Branch - Indiana Courts Official Website. Information for: Citizens, Judges, Attorneys, K-12 Educators, Law Students.

Indiana Legal Services - Nonprofit law firm, free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income people throughout the state of Indiana.

STATS Indiana - Indiana's Public Data Utility. Taxes, Child Care, Income, Population, Libraries, Occupations.
 ^ Search: "Martin County" - Population, Education, Health, Labor Force, Employment, Income & Poverty, Housing.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development - WorkOne Centers, Major Opportunities.

  Hoosiers by The Numbers - Martin County. Interactive data application analyzing Indiana's workforce.
  • Population: Over time, by age, by race and Hispanic origin and components of population.
  • Education: Attainment by type and high school graduates continuing education.
  • Commuting: Patterns and travel to work in 2000.
  • Labor Force: Annual labor force, employed and unemployed.
  • Industry: Employment and establishments by sector and change over time.
  • Income: Average earnings by industry, compensation per job, per capita income over time.
  • Firm Size: County business patterns, firms by size, average employment by unit size.

Indiana Time Zones - Map of Eastern & Central Time Zone Counties. Central Time will always be a hour behind Eastern Time.
 ^ Martin County is in the Eastern Time Zone.  Spring: Time Springs Forward (set ahead).  Fall: Time Falls Back (set back).
 ^ Daylight time begins March (2nd Sunday @ 2am) and ends November (1st Sunday @ 2am).  Energy Policy Act of 2005, Sec.110

Telephone Area Code Map - Neustar, Inc. - Find Indiana's telephone area codes and telephone area code for other states.

Indiana Department of Transportation
 ^ Indiana Map - View and Print Indiana Map.  Current Construction Projects
 ^ Martin County Functional Class Map - School, Railroads, Minor & Major Collectors, Incorporated Areas.
 ^ Map of City of Loogootee - Shows: School, Rail Road, Urban Area Boundary, Highway, Local Streets, County Line.
 ^ Maps of Major Indiana Cities - Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, Vincennes, Terre Haute, Columbus, Lafayette, Muncie.
 ^ 2001 Annual Average Daily Traffic - Loogootee and Shoals. US 231, US-50, US-150, Main St. (Loogootee), Main St. (Shoals).
Indiana Genealogy Division - Indiana State Library - Martin County Family History: Records - Birth, Death, Marriage, Deeds, Wills, Military.
 Indiana State Library - Martin County Maps - List of maps made from 1819 to 2000.  Maps, atlases, and plat books can be retrieved.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources - Martin County Water - Surface/Ground Water, Wells, Use/Rights/Statutes/Rules.
 ^ Bedrock Aquifer Systems of Martin County, Indiana - Additional Text: Bedrock aquifer systems cross as of bands N=NW to S-SW.
 ^ Unconsolidated Aquifer Systems of Martin County, Indiana - Additional Text: Coal Mine Spoil Aquifer System is a man-made..defined.
 ^ Division of Forestry - Education, Forest Health, Assistance. Indiana Forestry Exchange - Find a Forester/Timber Buyer, Timber Sale.
Indiana 811 - Call Before Digging: Phone: 811 (800.382-5544) ٠ Wait the required 48 hours. Indiana State Law - Digging Projects.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security - Statewide Burn Ban & Fireworks , Earthquake Preparedness, Travel Advisory
         Sample 2012: Martin County Burn Ban, Lifted in September.



Indian Housing & Community Development Authority - Creates housing opportunity, generates and preserves assets, and revitalizes neighborhoods.
 ^Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network - Provide help to those that are facing foreclosure with access to free and unbiased information and counseling.
 ^ Foreclosure Prevention - ... can still receive free foreclosure prevention assistance from an IFPN housing counseling agency by applying online.
 ^ Indian Foreclosure Prevention Network - 1-877-GET-HOPE - assist homeowners who are struggling with/at risk of—mortgage delinquency/foreclosure.

Indiana Attorney General Office - Foreclosure Prevention - Homeowner Protection - Foreclosure Prevention, Organizations/Foreclosure Consultants.

Indiana Judicial Branch - Self-Service Legal Center - Help with Mortgage Foreclosure - All services provided by the IFPN are free and confidential.

Proud to Support Our Local Communities

Indian Lifeline Law
....immunity for the crimes of public intoxication...
...assistance from an alcohol-related health emergency.


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