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Loogootee Fire Department
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Community Support

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Loogootee Volunteer Fire Department                      Facebook

It was founded in the late 1800s and is currently lead by Fire Chief Morgan Huebner. The Fire Department is a 25 member organization which is responding to over 200 calls per year. Sixteen are paid on call and the remaining nine receive a twice yearly stipend. In addition to providing fire and emergency protection to the City of Loogootee, the Loogootee Fire Department also protects Perry Township.  The Fire Department covers an approximate 41 square miles (4 miles wide which tapers to less than 1 mile and 25 mile long) for first response and actively assists mutual aid to all surrounding fire departments.

Loogootee Volunteer Fire Department Members 

Loogootee Fire Department 2007

In addition fire suppression they also are involved with EMS first response as an Indiana certified Basic Life Support Non-Transport provider, extraction, hazard mitigation, hazmat at operations level, search and rescue, fire and emergency preplanning, public relations demonstrations, and fire prevention programs. Our Department is a part of Indiana District 10 Emergency Response and we remain on call for all of South West Indiana. Our chief is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and a member of the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association and is involved in planning large scale mutual aid assistance and training issues facing the Fire Service and he is a member of Indiana District 10 planning council. 

The Department will go wherever needed with any requested equipment and manpower at any time. They also have and are actively
training with their mutual aid partners regularly to better integrate all of our organizations to work together as one at any emergency.
We have worked closely with all levels of response from local to state to federal at emergencies in the past and have good working relations with all.

Command 1
2000 Ford Explorer Command Vehicle
Fire Fighting Equipment

Emergency Contacts

Engine 1
2008 Spartan/Crimson Rescue Pumper - 1500gpm/1000gal

Engine 2
1990 Pierce Lance Pumper - 1250gpm/750gal
Aerial 3
 Aerial 3
1974 Seagrave, Pierce 50ft Tele-Squrt - 1000gpm/350gal
Brush Truck 4
Brush Truck 4
1973 Dodge W300/1996 FD - 200gpm/300gal

Unit Members:
301 - Chief JD Flynn 308 - Medical Officer  Randy Bell 315 - Wayne Mersinger 322 - Brandon Inman
302 - Asst. Chief Gerald Huebner 309 - Mike Ringwald 316 - Cameron Wolf 323 - Eric Brittain
303 - Capt. Mike Kirk 310 - Andy Ringwald 317 - Corey VanMeter 324 - Kyle McKibben 
304 - Greg Rasico 311 -  318 - Wendie Bell  325 - Anthony Holt
305 - Lt. Morgan Huebner 312 - Dustin Davis 319 - Eric Thomas  
306 - Bob Bell 313 - Rich Strawn 320 -  
307 - Don Mann 314 - Eric Ackerman 321 - Wes Walton

Proud to Support Our Local Communities


Martin County Schools
Loogootee Lions, Shoals Jug Rocks
The key to our future lays with our kids.

Major Universities
Purdue University, Indiana University
Notre Dame, Evansville University, ISU
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