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City of Loogootee, Government        Area Code 812
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                                                                                                                             City of Loogootee: Google Map
Loogootee Municipal Building - 401 J.F.K. Ave. ٠ Loogootee, Indiana  47553

  Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  (Mayor's Office, Clerk's Office, Utilities Office, Police & Fire Department)          Emergency Contacts
  Loogootee Municipal Building
Loogootee Mayor's Office                  Loogootee Clerk's Office
Loogootee Police Department            Loogootee Fire Department
Loogootee Utilities Department          Loogootee City Council/Members          Loogootee Building Commission
  Making a Difference Together - Click to Enlarge Image
  Mayor's Office 295-4770   City Utilities Office 295-2497   Emergency 911
      Sewage Treatment 295-3060   Police Department 295-2246
  Clerk - Treasurer 295-3200   Water Treatment 295-3889   Fire Department 295-2323
  ^ Clerk's Fax  295-9359 Swimming Pool   Ambulance Service 295-9110

Zoning Board - Advisory & Appeals - Letters, Building Permit, Fees, Etc.   Martin County Taxes - Also: State of Indiana, U.S. Federal Government.
 ^ City of Loogootee Zoning - Promote Cooperatively Improvement.   Loogootee Council Meetings - Monthly Regular/Special Meeting Notes.
  ^ City of Loogootee Zoning Map - Loogootee Existing Land Use Map. IC 36 Article 4 Government of Cities and Towns Generally
    IC 36-4-4 Chapter 4 Division of Power of Cities
Loogootee Park Board Master Plan 2021-2025 - (Draft) 01/01/21

Loogootee Government Archive - Grant Program, Mowing Season, Pedestrian Trail, Water.
  IC 36-7 Article 7. Planning and Development


City of Loogootee

  *Mayor: Noel Harty       *Clerk Treasurer: Roger Downey

    *Public Works Superintendent: Bo Wilson       *City Attorney: Isha Wright-Ryan

Loogootee Board of Works & Council Meeting: 2nd Monday of the Month @ 5:30pm, unless Monday is a holiday.

IC 36-4-5-6 Meetings with officers in charge of city departments; record Sec. 6. At least once a month, the executive
shall meet with the officers in charge of the city departments: (1) for consultation on the affairs of the city; (2) to adopt
rules and regulations for the administration of the affairs of city departments; and (3) to adopt rules and regulations
prescribing a merit system for selecting, appointing, or promoting city officers and employees. A record of meetings under
this section shall be kept.

Better Business Bureau - Do not give your Social Security number, credit card or banking information to anyone.
Loogootee Indiana 
Loogootee, Indiana

By: Rick Graves

Loogootee was Established in 1853
2000 Census: Population: 2,741 • 1,226 Households •  712 Families

Community Interest

 Special Clean-Ups; Spring (May) and Fall (November)
 Martin County Recycling - More Information on Clean-Ups.

Loogootee Leaf Pick-Up
        Loogootee Precinct Map 

 Fall News     (Not Necessary to call for Pick-up) (No Sticks)
   Leaf Pick-Up - Rake leaves or place bags at the edge of the road.
    Mondays - Precinct 2. (North of Hwy 50/150 and East of Hwy 231)
    Tuesdays - Precinct 1. (North of Hwy 50/150 and West of Hwy 231)
    Wednesdays - Precinct 3 & 4. (South of Hwy 50/150 and West/East Side of Hwy 231)

Tobacco/Smoke Free

Smoke free air policies passed as of August 28, 2006

City Hall, City Park, Swimming Pool, School, Courthouse



  Richard Gootee (1903), William Penrod (1904-1905), George Gates (1906-1909), Phil McGovern (1910-1913), William Penrod (1914-1917), Dr. John Strange (1918-1921),
  Thomas Browing (1922-1925), Joseph Smith (1926-1929), Phil McGovern (1930-1934), Frank Kays (1935-1938), William Kidwell (1939-1947), Herschel Jones (1948-1955),
  Fred O'Maley (1956-1959), Ernest Summers (1960-1963), William Smith (1964-1967), Wallace Boarders (1968-1971, Robert Brown (1972-1979), Ted Killion (1980-1987),
  Wayne Wessell (1988-1991), William Parker (1992-1999), Brian Ader (2000-2003), Donald Bowling (2004-2011), Noel Harty (2012-Present)

Proud to Support Our Local Communities


Doing the Right Thing Even When No One is Watching



Stand up for Others...Physical and Moral

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