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Martin County Ordinances                Area Code812
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Resource Center for the Entire Family

Martin County Courthouse - 111 S. Main Street, Shoals, IN 47581                                           Martin County Taxes
  Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                                                                                         
          Martin County Courthouse
  Auditor Court House 247-3731      
      Court House: Google Map  

2011-02 M. C. Highway Emergency Conditions   2001-12 Est. Single member Council Districts for Martin Co. Council.
200001 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund   2000-02 Vacating of Public Way
2000-04 Fee Schedule for Services and Records Provided by the Martin Co. Health Dept. 2000-05 On Site Sewage Disposal
2000-06 Food Establishment   2000-07

Authorizing the issuance and sale of Cumulative Capital Development fund revenue Bonds of the county, the refunding of outstanding bond anticipation notes of the County and other related matters.


Establishing the fee to be collected by county offices in Martin Co. for copying or Facsimile transmission of public documents or other document requested.


Authorizing the issuance and sale of limited tax bonds of the county in an amount not to exceed $200000. The refunding of outstanding bond anticipation noted of the county and other related matters.

2000-13 Reduction of Cumulative Bridge Tax Rate   1999-01 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund

Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Bonds


Authorization of the issuance and sale of Cumulative Cap. Revenue bonds for the financing of the new courthouse. Amendment follows (1999-11).

1999-05 Appropriating the proceeds from the sale of bonds.   1999-11

Amendment to ordinance for the authorization of the issuance and sale of Revenue Bonds.

1998-01 Vacating a Public Way   1998-02

Est. M.C. Corrections Fund

1998-04 Septic System Installation and Repair   1998-05 Food Establishment
1998-06 Public Purchasing Ordinance   1998-07 Rules and Policies Governing Public Purchasing
1998-08 Public Purchasing Ordinance   1998-09 Establishment of Prisoner Reimbursement Program
1998-10 Establishment of Reimbursement Rate   1998-12 Vacating a Public Way
1997-04 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund   1997-07 Dog Control Ordinance
1997-19 Election Judges performing duties of Election Sheriffs   1996-01 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund
1996-02 Establishing Martin Co. Dept. of Civil Defense 1996-09 Vacating a Public Way
1995-02 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund 1995-05 Amending 90-6 (flood plain)
1995-09 Vacation of Lots, Street and Alley   1995-11 Solid Waste Dist. To receive C.O.I.T. Distribution
1995-12 Vacating a Public Way   1995-13 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy and Testing Procedure
1995-14 Vacating a Public Way   1995-16 Vacating a Public Way
1995-17 Vacating a Public Way   1995-23 Establishing the Martin Co. Supplemental Recording fee
1994-02 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund   1994-04 Granting Cable Franchise Renewal to Tel-Media Co. for the Mid-South Pursuant to Option
1994-06 Providing Standards for County Highways   1994-08 Vacating a Public Way
1994-08 Vacating a Public Way   1994-09

Requiring Certain Confined person in the security center to make co-payments for Health care services (3 amendments also).

1994-11 Amendment of 90-6 (Flood Plain Ordinance) 1994-12 Amendment of 90-6 (Flood Plain Ordinance)
1993-01 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund   1993-02

Providing for Maximum speed limits on Co. highways, providing penalty for violation, and repealing conflicting ordinances.


Providing max speed limits on Co. Hwys, providing penalty for violations, and repealing conflicting ordinances.

  1993-04 Fair Housing Ordinance

Est. Waste Disposal Violations fund and providing certain funding for the M. Co. Solid Waste Management District.

  1993-06 Providing for Operation of Off-Road Vehicles
1993-09 Establishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund   1993-13

Amending 92-10 M.C. Personnel Policy regarding its application to M.C. Sheriff’s Dept. employees & providing a paid leave policy for such employees.

1993-15 Authorizing Collection of Endorsement Fee by Auditor   1993-16

Provide for the regulation of basic service tier rates and related equipment of any cable television system operating in M.C.


Authorizing coverage of county officers, employees, board and commission members by a blanket bond.

  1993-19 Amending Ord. 90-6 ( Flood Plain Ordinance)
1992-02 Illegal Waste Disposal   1992-03 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund
1992-05 Est. a Speed Limit on Boggs Lake and No Wake   1992-06 Providing for Operation of Off-Road Vehicles
1992-11 Est. service charge on unpaid or dishonored checks.   1991-01 Est. the Law Enforcement Fund
1991-02 Est. M.C. Corrections fund   1991-10 Creating Martin Co. Solid Waste Management District
1990-01 Est. M.C. Corrections fund   1990-04 Est. Permit Fees for septic system installation or repair.
1990-05 Partial Distribution of Dog Tax Payments   1990-06 Flood Hazard Development

Est. the account for Per Diem Work Release Programs and to provide a procedure for deposits therein and expenditures there from

1988-01 Est. M.C. Corrections fund
1988-02 Est. M.C. Corrections Fund   1987-01 Est. service charge on unpaid or dishonored checks
1987-02 Speed of Motor Vehicles on County Roads   1986-02 Control of Weeds or other Rank Vegetation
1985-01 County Road Cut   1984-02 Economic Revitalization Areas
1983-2A Tax Abatement   1983-03 Closing of Certain Roads to traffic
1983-4 Dog Control Ordinance   1981- Granting Franchise to Loogootee Cablevision Co. Inc.

Proud to Support Our Local Communities

Martin County Schools
Loogootee Lions, Shoals Jug Rocks
The key to our future lays with our kids.

Major Universities
Purdue University, Indiana University
Notre Dame, Evansville University, ISU
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