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Government, Community, Education,
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Gateway, Indiana

Budget Notices, Taxpayer Portal, Active Budgets


Martin County Taxes                          

 Martin County Treasurer ٠ PO Box 359   Shoals, IN 47581    247-3701
   ¤ Spring Installment, Due: May 10th     ¤ Fall Installment, Due: November 10th

 Martin County Property Tax Reports, Homeowners: 2009 Report  2010 Report   2011 Report

 Martin County Property Taxes - 2007-08. Who pays the taxes? 
   Indiana Property Taxes: Fact Sheet. Homeowners pay 24% of property taxes. 

Martin County Mapping by Elevate

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IRS Form 1040
Treasurer Form TS-1A - Example of how your property tax bill is calculated. calculated.      
  Property Tax Distribution: County, Township, School District, City, Library, Special District.

 School Corporation Expenditures -
HB 1006 Expenditure Categories Biannual Financial Report Data.

 Martin County - Budget and Assessment

 Citizens Guide to Property Tax - Assessment Process, Budget Process, Property Tax Bills

Martin County Assessor

Assessment Questions


Indiana State Taxes 

 Indiana State
 ^ Taxes & Finance - Business & Personal Taxes (top of page).

Indiana Department of Revenue - Individual & Business Taxpayers.
^ Indiana State Tax Forms - Individuals & Businesses Tax Forms.
    ¤ Individual Tax Forms, Due: April 15th           ¤ Business Tax Forms, Due: March 15th
Where Do My Tax Dollars Go?
Where Tax Dollars are Spent in Indiana

Department of Local Government Finance - Information for Taxpayers : Property Tax Deductions, Forms, Assessments.
 ^ Responsible for ensuring property tax assessment and local government budgeting are carried out in accordance with Indiana law.
 ^ General Property Tax Information - Oversight by Department of Local Finance.
Learn where Tax Dollars are Spent - Property tax dollar funds ... of local government.

 ^ Legislative Agency
: Martin County Budgets, DLGF Recent News: County Tax Bill Calculator, Alternate Methods of Valuing Property  

 Indiana General Assembly - Indiana Code Search
 ^ Title 6. Taxation - Property Taxes, Income Taxes, Local Taxation, Indiana Board of Tax Review, Death Taxes.
 ^ Title 32. Property - Interest in Property, Eminent Domain, Mortgages, Liens on Property, Title Insurance, Creditors Interest.
 ^ Title 52 Indiana Board of Tax Review - Tax Representatives, Procedural Rules, Small Claims Procedures

 Indiana Courts -
Tax Court Web Site: Tax Court Procedure, Initiating an Original Tax Appeal, Tax Appeals Procedure, Pro Se Guide.

Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs - Property Tax Abatements:
Property tax deductions available to disabled Hoosier Veterans.

 Indiana Property Tax Equalization Study - Personal Property Tax, Property Tax Reform, Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute, Income Taxation.


¤ Indiana Legal Corner
     Tax Payer Bill of Rights - Your Rights and Responsibilities. Preservation of Your Rights, Warrants for Tax Collection. Liens Against Property.
     Legal Resources for Taxpayers - IT-40 Booklet, IT-20 Corporation Booklet, Letters of Finding and Revenue Rulings, Inheritance Tax Notes.
     Property Tax Appeals Process - Search,
Form Title: "Form 130" - Form for Property Assessment Appeal, Petition of Review of Assessment.
     Property Tax Appeal by JS - Petitioner provided sufficient evidence to make a prima facie case in support of a change to the assessment.

     Coalition for Court Access - Created to provide a focused and comprehensive organizational structure for Indiana’s civil legal aid programs.


U.S. Federal Taxes - Search Box, Frequently asked questions about loans and tax breaks.
Tax Withholding Calculators
- Ensure that you're having the right amount of income tax withheld.
Taxpayer Rights - Your Rights, Protecting Taxpayer Rights, Taxpayer Advocate, Collection Process.

 Federal Tax Forms -
Download Forms and Publications, View Online: Important Changes, Order.

United States Code - Office of the Law Revision Counsel - Search "Property Taxes" ٠ "Income Taxes"

 Legislative Information - The Library of Congress, Bills: Search "Property Taxes" ٠ "Income Taxes"
Internal Revenue Service - IRS

Proud to Support Our Local Communities

H & R Block - Jasper
Income Tax Preparation Service
Southgate Shopping Center ٠ 634-1336


Primerica Financial Services
Taxes, Business Book Keeping
Spout Springs Road.  Phone: 486-7958

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