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U.S. Federal Government
Government, Community, Education,
Businesses, Family Fun, Health, Links of Interest

Community Support

Resource Center for the Entire Family

 U.S. Federal Taxes

Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice - Kids' Page

> National Criminal Justice Reference Service - Drugs, Crime, Courts, Victims.

> National Sex Offender Public Registry - State-by-State - Public Information.

> Amber Alert - America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. Child Safety.

> Federal Domestic Violence Information - Office on Violence Against Women.

> Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention - Families & Communities.

U.S. Department of Commerce - Advancing economic growth, jobs for the American people.
 ^ U.S. Census Bureau - Martin County Indiana - Quick Facts: People, Business, Geography.
    ^                            ^ Population
٠ Martin County 2017: 10,215    ٠ Indiana State Population: 6,691,878

U.S. Department of Labor - Youth and Labor Laws - Age Requirements, Kid's Pages, Employment by Parents.
 ^ Bureau of Labor Statistics - Indiana Occupational Employment Statistics - Martin County:
Southwest / Southeast Indiana.
 ^ - Connecting the Disability Community to Information & Opportunities. Education, Health, Employment, Housing. - Disability Services, Education, Housing Citizens, Small Businesses, Military and Veterans. Health, Consumer Issues, Environment.

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service
^ Indiana Natural Resources Conservation Service - Financial Assistance, Soils, Water, Air, Plants & Animals, Organic.

U.S. Department of the Treasury - Education, Identity Theft Prevention, Financial Education.

Federal Trade Commission - Protecting America's Consumers. Fighting Back Against Identity Theft.
^ - Guard against Internet fraud, secure/protect your computer & personal info.

Federal Judicial Center - Education and research agency for the federal courts.

National Conference of State Legislatures - State & Federal Issues, News from D.C. and the States.
National Archives & Records Administration - Nation's Record Keeper. Educators and Students, Family Historians.

U.S. - Clearinghouse for information from/about the Judicial Branch of the U.S. Government.

U.S. Social Security Administration - Employers, The Self-Employed, Women, Kids, Schools, Medicare.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - Discrimination by Type: Facts and Guidance, Federal Laws.

Office of Personnel Management - Federal Holidays - Federal Government's Human Resource Agency.

General Services Administration - For Citizens: Child Care, Emergency Disaster Relief, Property for Sale.
U.S. Department of Defense - Civilian Personnel Management Service - Wage Schedules,
Align  Your Finances.

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development - Buying, Owning, Selling, Renting, Homeless.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Citizens: Travel/Food Safety, Preparedness Planning Tips.

Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI - E-Scams & Warnings, Community Resources, Submit a Tip.
^ Internet Crime Complaint Center - IC3's - Submit criminal complaints regarding cyber crimes.

Child Welfare Information Gateway - U.S. Department of Health: Child Abuse, Neglect & Adoption.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - (FDIC) - Insuring deposits in banks and thrift institutions. Insures deposits only.


Proud to Support Our Local Communities

Philippians 4:13

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengths Me


Major Universities

Notre Dame, Evansville University, ISU

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