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Hoosier Healthwise

HIP - Healthy Indiana Plan - Community Calendar

Indiana Care Select



Martin County Indiana Social Networking
Social Networking



Indiana State Healthcare
Government, Community, Education,
Businesses, Family Fun, Health, Links of Interest

Loogootee COVID-19 Preparations

County / State / Federal Coronavirus Resources


Indiana State Department of Health

  Health Information    Professionals    Birth/Death Certificates    School Immunization

   Chronic Disease    Food Protection    Environmental Public Health    Publications & Rules

INShape Indiana

Indian Family and Social Services Administration
 Family, Children, Mental, Disabilities, Child Abuse/Neglect, Medicaid.

  ^ Healthy Indiana Plan - HIP - Health Coverage / Peace of Mind. Uninsured Low Income Families.

  ^ Hoosier Healthwise - Health insurance program for children/pregnant women/low-income families.
Indiana Family & Social Services Administration

 ^ HoosierRx - Indiana's prescription medication program for low-income seniors. receive up to 75 percent off the cost of medications.

 ^ Indiana Medicaid - Healthcare Providers, Provider Services, Pharmacy Services, Health Plans, Forms, Fee Schedule, State Plan.
^ Members Hot Line: 800.457-4584    Medicaid State Case Manager: 800.403-0864  ٠ Covered Medications, Drug Co-payment List.

 ^ Indiana Care Select - Care Management Program for Medicaid ٠ Care Coordination, Disease Management, Utilization Management.
^ Care Select Services: Enrollment Helpline 866.963-7383  (To select doctor yourself, call every time Medicaid is Continued.)
^ MDwise, Inc. - Phone: 866.440-2449, Fax: 1-877-822-7188  ٠ Martin County: Dr. Poirier
^ Advantage Health Solutions - Phone: 800.784-3981, Fax: 317.810-4485  ٠ Martin County: Dr. Sutton

Generations - Martin County Case Manager (Ask): Generations: 800.742-9002  ٠ Vincennes University - not-for-profit agency.
Your connection to health and wellness services.    ٠ Waivers, Home-Maker Hours, Meal on Wheels, AngelWorx, Elder Care Network.

Indiana Flu Information - Federal - Flu Shot Locator, State Information for Individuals, Families, Professionals, Indiana Pandemic Plan.

Indiana General Assembly
 ^ Title 16. Health - Disabilities, Drugs, Health Records, Medical Consent, Children's Health.
 ^ Title 12. Human Services - Article 17.6. Children's Health Insurance Program: Eligibility, Cost Sharing, Appeals/Hearings.
 ^ Title 405 Secretary of  Family & Social Services - Medicaid Providers/Services, Medicaid Recipients/Eligibility, Prescription Drugs.
 ^ Title 407 Office of The Children's Health Insurance Program - Program Provisions, Eligibility and Enrollment, Appeal Procedures.


Private Organizations

 Rx for Indiana - Helping low-income and uninsured access to assistance programs where they qualify for free/nearly free, medicines.

 Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (IAAAA) - Advocates programs and services for older adults & persons with disabilities.

 Indiana Youth Institute - Serving the people/institutions who work on healthy development of children.


Indiana Department of Child Services

 ^ Indiana Adoption Program

 Indiana's Waiting Children - Portraits of children who want to be adopted.

  Every child, regardless of age, needs a loving, committed, safe, and permanent family. Indiana Adoption Program welcomes responsible, caring adults who are ready to share their time, their hearts, and their lives with Indiana’s waiting children. 

Heart Gallery of Indiana
Indiana Adoption Program

Proud to Support Our Local Communities


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