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Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.

Citizen Corps
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All About Tornadoes

2 Sirens
Loogootee Early Warning System
Loogootee City Park,
Loogootee Municipal Building

City of Loogootee
Emergency Weather Siren

Indiana State Code
Severe Weather Warning Sirens

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¤ National Weather Service    ¤ Indiana Department of Transportation

¤ Loogootee 7-Day Forecast   ¤ Loogootee Radar Images

7-Day Forecasts: ¤ Indianapolis   ¤ Bloomington   ¤ Evansville

¤ Indiana - Select Area   ¤ NOAA Weather Radio   ¤ NOAA Weather Safety



Weather Sites

 Intellicast.com - The Authority in Weather
   ^ Indiana Up-Close & Animated   U.S. Animated

 Weather.com - The Weather Channel
   ^ Loogootee Weather Forecast   U.S. Animated
  Community Interest
 Loogootee High School                      News Resources
   ^ Inclement Weather Information:

 Naval Surface Warfare Center - Weather Numbers
   ^ Toll Free: 866-249-2154   Local: 812-854-2603 (Operation & Gate Closings)

*Vincennes: 812-888-7979   *VUJC: 812-482-3030   *Indiana University: 877-482-5486


News & Radio Stations

 Local / State / National News

   Various State Radio and TV Stations
Quick Weather Links

  Evansville: News 25 - WEHT-TV
  Indianapolis: News 8 - WISHTV
 REMC - Prepare for a Power Outage. Video
 Duke-Energy.com - Outage & Storm Information
Indiana Links
 Indiana Department of Homeland Security - Your Preparedness Makes the Difference! Road Conditions
^ Severe Weather Preparedness    ^ Family Preparedness    ^ Winter Weather Safety & Preparedness

 Indiana Department of Transportation - High Conditions Travel Information, County Travel Status Map.
 ^ Winter Driving Safety - Are You Ready for Winter Driving? Be Prepared! Staying Safe Around Snowplows.
Indiana Department of Homeland Security 
Federal Links

 U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Emergencies & Disasters, Travel & Transportation.
  ^ Ready.gov - Prepare, Plan and Stay Informed.  You may need to survive on your own after an emergency.
        ^ Ready America - Get A Kit, Make A Plan  ^ Ready Kids - Be Prepared ^ Ready Business - Save Lives/Assets

 Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA - Disaster Information, Plan & Prepare, Recover & Rebuild.
  ^ FEMA for Kids  ^ Fall Severe Weather Season  ^ Are You Ready Guide?  ^ Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit  ^ Tornado
 U.S. Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration
  ^ Road Weather Management Program - Roadway Safety  ^ Indiana Highway Conditions - Statewide Traveler Information

Public Links of Interest

 Red Cross - Be Ready.  Getting Assistance - Recover After a Disaster.  Local Red Cross: Hoosier Hills Chapter, Bedford, IN
  ^ Tornado Safety Checklist  ^ Thunderstorm Safety Check List  ^ Power Outage Checklist  ^ Winter Storm Safety Checklist

 Ready Classroom - Discovery Education - Offers free K-8 resources teaching emergency preparedness for teachers, students.

 NOAA's Weather Glossary

  Watch - The risk of a hazardous weather has increased significantly, but its occurrence, location, and/or timing is still uncertain.
              It is intended to provide enough lead time so that those who need to set their plans in motion can do so

  Warning - Issued when a hazardous weather is occurring, is imminent, or has a very high probability of occurring.
                A warning is used for conditions posing a threat to life or property.

  Voice of the National Weather Service: Programming Your Weather Radio. Listen to Weather Radio Broadcast for Central Indiana.

Loogootee Tornado Warning Siren - Tested on 1st Day of Each Month at Noon.
 Tornado sirens are intended to alert persons who are outdoors to seek shelter indoors.
 Persons indoors may or may not be able to hear a siren and should rely instead on a NWS radio which
 sounds a NWS generated audio alarm. This is an inexpensive device easily obtainable at most electronic
 outlet stores. Loogootee Police Department maintains one in operation at all times in the dispatch center.

 Sirens are Activated upon Receiving:
  1.  A “Tornado Warning” from the National Weather Service NWS.
  2.  A funnel cloud is reported to the 911 center during a “Tornado Watch”.
  3.  A funnel cloud sighting during a “Sever Weather Warning” and confirmed by trained weather
       observer and/or a police officer or fire fighter, or determined by the Mayor.
  4.  At the specific request of the NWS, Homeland Security, and/or Emergency Management.

Plan. Stay Informed.

  When a severe weather warning “storm” is announced by the NWS, Loogootee Police Department will track the storm and if a
  “Tornado Warning” is issued by the NWS, the Loogootee sirens will be sounded ahead of the time that the predicted storm path
  is to approach the City of Loogootee.

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