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Loogootee Police Department
Government, Community, Education,
Businesses, Family Fun, Health, Links of Interest

Community Support

Resource Center for the Entire Family

Protect and Serve

Chief of Police: Kelly Rayhill


Sergeants: Rick Norris, Jason Hennette

Officers: Jeremy Branham, Steve Nolan, Pat Todd

The Loogootee Police Department currently has four
full-time police officers, two part-time officers and one reserve.

Loogootee has 24-hour fire and police dispatching: 295-2246
All 911 calls are answered by the Martin Co. Sheriffs Department.
Loogootee Police Department 
Emergency Contacts Click to Enlarge
Jason Hennette, Rick Norris, Jeremy Branham, 
Noel Harty (Mayor),  Kelly Rayhill, Steve Nolan

Mission Statement

We, the officers of the Loogootee Police Department, are committed to excellence in partnership with the community by upholding
the Constitution of the United States, the Laws of the State of Indiana and the Ordinances of the City of Loogootee. We recognize
our responsibility to our community by promoting diversity, building trust, reducing crime and providing a safe environment, thus
enhancing the quality of life

Police Department Employees

Kelly Rayhill - Chief of Police has been serving the citizens of Loogootee since 1997. He started his law enforcement career at the
Marion County Sheriffs Department and graduated from Loogootee High School in 1982. He also received degrees in Law
Enforcement Conservation and Security from Vincennes University. He graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in
1996. He has been Chief since 2001. Kelly was a prior K-9 handler with the department. 

Sgt. Rick Norris - Rick has been in law enforcement for 22 years. He graduated from Loogootee High School. Rick is a certified breath
test operator and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1998. 

Sgt. Jason Hennette - Jason has been serving the citizens of Loogootee since 2001.He graduated from Linton High School and
received a degree in criminology from Indiana State University in 2000. Jason is a certified breath test operator and graduated from
the Indiana State Police Academy.

Officer Jeremy Branham - Jeremy has been reserve officer for the department since 2007. Jeremy graduated from Shoals High School
in 2004. Jeremy is also a police and fire dispatcher for the City of Loogootee.

Officer Steve Nolan - Steve is a part-time officer for the City of Loogootee. Steve is currently employed full-time as a sheriff’s deputy
for the Martin Co. Sheriffs Department. Steve is a 2009 graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Officer Pat Todd - Pat is a part-time police officer. Pat was a former Police Chief for the City of Loogootee. Pat is a 1996 graduate of
the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and a graduate of Loogootee High School. Pat currently works at Jasper Memorial Hospital.

Officer John Fischer - John has been a part-time police officer since 2008. John currently works full-time for the Martin Co. Sheriffs
Department and is a graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. 


Proud to Support Our Local Communities

Martin County Schools
Loogootee Lions,
Shoals Jug Rocks
The key to our future lays with our kids.

Major Universities
Purdue University, Indiana University
Notre Dame, Evansville University, ISU

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