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Loogootee Care Centers
 Loogootee Family Medicine - Dr. James Poirier
  ^ Phone: 295-2812,  Address: 105 Cooper Street, Loogootee   ٠ Hours: M/W/Th 8-6pm, Tues 8-7, Fri 8-4pm.

 Daviess-Martin Medical Clinic - Jennifer Hoyt NP-C
  ^ Phone: 295-5095  12546 E. US Highway 50, Loogootee  ٠ Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-Noon & 1-4:30pm.

 Urgent Care of Martin County - Janet Baugh, FNP,  Thomas Field, M.D.     (Does not take Medicaid)
  ^ Phone: 295-2955,  Address: 104 Wood Street, Loogootee   ٠ Hours: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs  7:30-5:30pm

Harvest Health & Rehab - 300 E. Broadway St.   ٠ Occupational Therapy / Physical Therapy / Speech Therapy
  ^ Phone: 709-3286     Facebook Page     ٠Focus on Helping People. The most knowledgeable, friendly and efficient staff.

Shoals Care Centers
 Martin County Health Department - Dr. Kerr - 2nd & Main Street, Shoals ٠ Phone: 247-3303  (Location: Post Office)

 Martin County Health Center - Dr. Donald Kerr & Dr. Jonathan Cropp٠ 229 High Street, Shoals ٠ P: 247-2733  ٠ Hours: M-F  8-5pm.

Psychiatric Services
 Samaritan Center - 200 South JFK Ave., Loogootee  Ph: 295-3090  ٠ Full Range of Psychiatric Services.

 Hawkins Health Center - Dr. Jordan Hawkins & Dr. Brooke Hawkins, Dr. Jordan Divine
 ^ Phone: 295-3346,  Address: 1 Loogootee Plaza, Loogootee      ٠ Providing Family Chiropractic Care

Massage Therapists
  Kimberly Bowling - Licensed; Therapeutic/Geriatric Massages, 30/50 Minutes.

  ^ Phone: 709-9050, Address: 200 N. JFK Avenue, Suite C, Loogootee  ٠ Hours: M-F 10 to 8.

  Emilee Summer's Massage - Licensed, Therapeutic Massage.
  ^ Phone: 486-9810, Address: 201 High Street, Loogootee   ٠ Deep Tissue, Swedish, Relaxation, Bodywork (30/60/90 mins)

 Healing Hands - Andrea Nordhoff - Licensed; Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology.
  ^ Phone: 630-4309, Address 210 N. Line Street, Loogootee   ٠ Relax. Revive. Repeat. Assisting you in your journey toward healing.

Bonecrusher Bodywork - Kayla C Roller-Whaley. Certified, Massage Therapy and Cupping
  ^ Phone: 318-6223    ٠ Out-call Massage Therapy and Cupping in Martin County and surrounding areas.


Family Dental Care - Angela Smith   ٠ Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.
Phone: 295-4000,  Address: 101 Charles Street., Loogootee  ٠ Committed to your individual attention oral health care.

 Kizior & Young Orthodontics - Dr. Kizior, Dr. Young (Serving: Loogootee. Jasper, Ferdinand, Santa Claus)
 ^ Phone: 634-2040,  Address: 115 E. Broadway Street, Loogootee  ٠State-of-the-art orthodontic treatment.
 Dr. Rick Bauer - 109 W. Main Street, Loogootee ٠ Phone: 295-3163
 CVS Pharmacy - 101 Pine St, Loogootee ٠ Ph: 295-4600. Hrs: M-F 8-9pm, Sat 8-6pm, Sun 10-6pm.

 Williams Brothers Health Care Pharmacy - 104 E. Broadway St, Loogootee  Ph: 295-4370. Hrs: M-F 8-7pm, Sat 9-3pm, Closed Sun.
Nursing Homes
 Loogootee Nursing Center - 12802 E. US HWY 50, Loogootee ٠ Phone: 295-2101

 Loogootee Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center - 313 Poplar Street, Loogootee ٠ Phone: 295-4433

Additional Services
 Helping Hands of Martin County - In-Home Services.  Phone: 295-6598  ٠ Medical and Non-Medical Help.

 Denny Transportation - Non-Emergency Medical.  Phone: 295-6598  ٠ Transportation Available 24/7.

 VistaCare Hospice - 3745 N. Newton Street, Jasper, IN 47546  Phone: 888.799.1201 ٠ Services Loogootee/Shoals.

 Maxim Health Services: 5401 Vogel Road, Suite 630  Evansville, IN 47715   Phone: 866.492.9648  ٠ Homecare.


Proud to Support Our Local Communities

Martin County Schools
Loogootee Lions, Shoals Jug Rocks
The key to our fut
ure lays with our kids.

Major Universities
Purdue University, Indiana University
Notre Dame, Evansville University, ISU

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